The main training site is located at instructor’s resident commercial space in Orange County, CA. Clients may also request in-home sessions or rent a space in advance in any specified area nearest to them other than main training site.


Clients must sign designated waiver forms as well as a non-disclosure agreement in order to begin training sessions. Forms will be sent prior to scheduled session for review.

Monthly Plans:

Payments must be made in full within 7 days of first session to maintain a scheduled booking. If not paid within required time frame, sessions can be postponed and availability is subject to change. Client will be added to the waitlist until next available date. Other payment options can also be arranged by a month-to-month or per-session basis.


Payments must be made in full 24 hours before or the day of scheduled session. Accepted via PayPal, CashApp, Apple Cash.    No cash (Inquire about payment options).


Sessions are primarily video-recorded for reference per client with permission. Further statements included in privacy policy.