FIRST FLOOR is a sensory, meditative, movement-based program that allows individuals to dig deep into their senses, explore the conscious/subconscious, awaken innermost creativity, and activate presence all through physical work. The Movement Design technique involves primary tools for play and exploration as students navigate their bodies to unlock new sensory and metaphysical information. First Floor offers a thorough course that enhances mobility, stamina, and coordination. In addition, it is a practice that aids in developing a heathy network between the body, mind, and spirit; identifying rhythms of thought, patterns of ideas, and behavioral loops. As one understands the body, so does one understand the mind. This program is for everyone, whether you are an experienced mover or a curious first-timer.

Why Private Coaching?

The 1-on-1 private coaching method provides a simple backdrop to create solitude and focus This allows you to learn in a more intimate and relaxed environment. Our mindful movement techniques work to troubleshoot hypertension so that you feel a sense of clarity and awareness of your surroundings, bodily sensations, and actions. This is not just a program for dancers, choreographers, or artists, but for EVERYONE.

Expected Discoveries: 

• Greater self-confidence and personal awareness 

• Improved decision-making and critical thinking 

• Improved ability to identify and utilize personal strengths 

• Improved expression and vulnerability

• Improved ability to identify opportunities for personal growth

• Improved self-image

• Greater clarity and perspective

• Greater courage to take action

Additional training elements involve:

  • Mindset Coaching
  • Body Alignment
  • Meditation & Breathing 
  • Guided Momentum Training
  • Stretch, Strength, Mobility Exercises
  • Improvisation, Composition, Critical Thinking Exercises
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Posing & Body Language
  • Movement Philosophy 
  • Music Theory

And much more