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Worked with over 30+ clients in Beta!

I’m an aspiring pop artist, but I’ve always been extremely unconfident and awkward at movement. I knew I needed to do something about it, but I was really hesitant at first. Contrary to my expectations, Mitch didn’t impose any style on me, but instead helped me discover my own. He didn’t throw me the recipes. He helped me learn “how to cook” — the principles behind how to create the recipes. He teaches frameworks to then build rules around, and rules to then break if you want. He’s really helped me become a lot more mindful of my movement, which has empowered me to improve and tweak it to my liking. He’s very understanding, doesn’t give easy fake compliments, but never feels judgmental either. He’s genuine, caring, and compassionate, but never overbearing or invasive. His teaching style is a unique and potent blend of theoretical, illustrative, and practical. I’ve never considered myself someone who could ever really be good at movement, especially not freestyle dance, but now I feel a genuine sense of hope and excitement because thanks to Mitch, everything is being demystified. Movement, which used to be something I’d rather pretend did not exist, has now become an exciting new creative frontier with endless possibilities.

- Astra King (Musician)

My husband and I took private dance coaching with Mitch before we opened a fitness studio with rhythm based fitness classes. Our goal was to become more comfortable with dancing and being on stage. Mitch was professional and inspiring. He was easy to communicate with when scheduling session times and was always on time. We enjoyed our private sessions with Mitch and felt more comfortable dancing in front of a group. We look forward to working with him more in the future.

- Melissa Hennessee (Trim Fitness Studio Owner/Certified Lagree Trainer)

Working with Mitch is flat out wonderful. I’m finding a voice, through dance, that I didn’t know I had and I don’t fully understand but it feels like a part of myself that’s been waiting to come out. I feel more confident in my own way of moving. My retention and creativity has made leaps and bounds. He creates such an open and safe space for vulnerability, curiosity, and creativity. And he is just so easy to talk to. Working on my movement has been amazing, but working on my mindset has been even more so. I’m working with my fears, self-doubts, self consciousness; they’re still there, but it’s a part of the process. Working with Mitch has helped me to trust and not rush the process. Remembering this helps me to stay calm and settle into the learning which is magnificent. I’m changing, growing, learning and having loads of fun in the process. I’ve noticed that as we work together, my favorite compliment he has given me is “I’ve never seen you move like that before”. If I push myself to do something different, things feel interesting and intriguing to me, I feel capable and enjoy moving. On top of that, if I can get that compliment, it makes me feel so happy and seen, it’s just amazing. Overall, it makes me want to create more and that is the thing I feel like I’ve been needing in my life. I can’t say enough about this guy. Mitch has become a great friend to me and a great teacher. I hope you take the opportunity to grow and learn from him if you get the chance.

- Jeni Herder (Dancer)

As I've continued to pursue my art professionally and personally, I realized how easy it is to plateau and lose a sense of presence when doing a multitude of things - dancing, coaching, DJing, singing, working full time, doing speaking engagements, professional presentations, etc. Working with Mitch and his meditative approach has been an absolute gift. The focus on the freedom of movement while knowing yourself and being bold enough to make new artistic choices has helped me tremendously as a dancer and just as a person, in general. FirstFloor is definitely a safe space to discover, create, and grow and I'm excited to keep going!

- Harmony Cruz (Dancer, Musician, Public Speaker)

Beyond the physical, beyond movement. It’s so much more than the physical capabilities which I felt I was restricted in. It all starts with the mind— Presence & Awareness. I’ve been training with First Floor for the past 2 months and it has been liberating both in and out of movement. Mitch has been able to analyze the parts where there are disconnects in your body and will guide you in becoming familiar with the unfamiliar. Each session I take on with him has been a safe place for me to just embrace where I’m at and work from there— physically, mentally & spiritually.  I could write a novel about my experience with First Floor. However, no words can fathom how much I enjoy this process. To keep it short— dive in. Take on this journey. Enjoy the ride.

- Rez Catalasan (Dancer)

Trust me when I say prior to learning from him, I never ever freestyled. Ever. Freestyle made me so uncomfortable. I was a complete beginner. 8 months later, freestyle has become a home in my body, wherever I go. Now I feel totally in my element with freestyle and am so blessed I have this gift with me. The power that comes from being able to spontaneously create art with structure and freedom is unlike any other. Save yourself the years of discomfort and become the freestyler you’ve always wanted to be in just one. Your confusion will become clarity. Trust. (P.S. Mitch is undoubtedly the best teacher I have ever known.) What I like about his methods are that it’s not “just do what you feel” woo-woo, but not a restrictive set of rules either. I truly feel this is the revolutionary key to unlocking urban dance freestyle. Prior to Mitch, I felt like figuring out freestyling was like feeling my way through the dark, blind as a naked mole rat, whilst having a heart attack because people are watching!!! Not anymore. This is learning with all the lights on, shown onto everything infuriating that’s holding you back; the marriage of analysis and art presented through beautifully easy-to-understand instruction. No matter what your background is, you’ll find your world of movement expanded upon through the practical wisdom he has to offer.

- Phoenix King (Dancer, Musician)

First of all Mitch is brilliant! He is a very very educated and encouraging teacher. He not only teaches helpful techniques, but also intentionality and motive behind dance. Mitch really helped me in our session to not do what just looks cool, but what is most beneficial for me to grow as a dancer in my confidence! This was the first time in my dance experience I have felt really comfortable in my body! Thanks Mitch!

- Gabby Henry (Dancer, Photographer)

I have found Mitch to be an incredible person to partner with in my creative learning. Attentive, detail-oriented, and keenly observant - he always has a firm grasp on where I am as an ever evolving dancer and individual. He can throw me challenges appropriate to my level and style and give me feedback in a direct and non-judgmental manner. I also value verbally exploring dance on a deep level (because thinking differently = dancing differently) and he’s always willing to go there with me. I have come to completely trust him with my creative development and have achieved many of my goals with his guidance. If you’re considering sessions with Mitch, come with a great work ethic, open mind, and open heart; what you can discover about dance and yourself can exceed all your expectations.

- Erika Wong (Dancer)

We have been working on my freestyle movement for the past 6 months and in that span, I have seen dramatic progress. Before every session, Mitch had a plan catered to reaching my specific dance goals; during the sessions, he is so attentive and supportive, and at the end of every session, the insights he provided were exactly what I needed to hear. In these past 6 months, I came from someone who knew nearly nothing about urban dance to someone confident enough to post freestyles on Instagram. Mitch does not just feel like a teacher in your dancing but more like a companion: someone who can watch you dance without you feeling exposed or judged; someone who makes the effort to be open and kind in his communication; someone who feels like they are right there by your side helping you become your very best mover. ​

- Cedric Papa (Salsa & Bachata instructor)

When I first started taking Mitch’s session I was stiff as a board. Over time he showed me how to loosen up as well as musically, being patient, having levels, angles and how to flow with the music. Now I see the changes in my dancing, I’m able to be in touch with the music as well as being loose. The atmosphere is awesome you’ll never feel judged for your movement. Mitch is very encouraging and he always see the best in each person. If you want to grow and be more confident with your movement I highly suggest taking Mitch’s sessions.

- Bryant Pearson (Dancer)

FirstFloor is a place for you to find your true movement and awareness of your body. With tailored development plans and guidance from Mitch, I've been able to explore my movement with freedom and without judgement. It's a safe space for new urban dancers, like me. After 3 months of sessions, I've found out I can move far beyond what I though was capable of and beyond movement, finding a truer version of myself.

- Amanda Tran (Dancer)