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FIRST FLOOR is a MOVEMENT & PRESENCE training program that promotes body awareness and mindfulness for the everyday human being. 

The First Floor program introduces a newly developed method (Movement Design) that involves techniques derived from the practices of acting, dance, martial arts, body science, and meditation. Whether you are seeking to improve in the area of performance, choreography (dance, theatre, film, modeling), developing stage presence for a new business pitch, or simply walking down the street with poise and confidence, First Floor will be happy to help you. Step into grace, balance, patience, and control–Achieving the utmost elegance however you move, wherever you go.

Training elements involve:

  • Mindset Coaching
  • Body Alignment
  • Meditation & Breathing 
  • Guided Momentum Training
  • Stretch, Strength, Mobility Exercises
  • Improvisation, Composition, Critical Thinking Exercises
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Posing & Body Language
  • Movement Philosophy 
  • Music Theory
  • And many more!

Upon completion of each session, client will receive full-length body analysis, weekly/monthly progress report, and video footage.

Why Private Coaching?

Do you get nervous easily? Stressed? Do you find yourself lacking confidence in social settings?
Professional or creative environments?
From an amateur performer to a seasoned professional, it doesn’t matter where you are in your current state of being. It matters where you start. The 1-on-1 private coaching method provides a simple backdrop to create solitude and intimacy, allowing you to learn in a more comfortable and relaxed environment. Our mindfulness movement techniques will troubleshoot those hyper-tense tendencies so that you feel more focused and aware of your surroundings and actions. This is not just a program for creatives, but for EVERYONE. Maybe you have goals and aspirations but you believe that they are out of reach or you simply don’t know where to begin. Maybe you feel stuck in your personal or professional life and are at a loss as to how to set yourself free. Presence is a tool that brings you from the pain of the past and anxiety for the future to the certainty of the HERE and NOW.

You can expect to discover:
• Greater self-confidence and personal awareness                                    
• Improved decision-making
• Improved motivation and energy
• Improved ability to identify and utilize personal strengths 
• Improved communication skills
• Improved ability to identify opportunities for personal growth
• Improved self-image
• Improved life balance
• Greater clarity and perspective
• Greater courage to take action

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